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This is what you get until I finish it.

Right now it is just way to find me since I don't do social media.

This the guy you're looking for?

Some tags to find me with: Esalen Institute  Boston College MVCDS Maumee Valley    Repair Collective Blue Avenger Aptera Abbey Theatre World Alliance Nobe Nunsense Tassajara Zaca Lake McNerney McInerney McNearney
Locations: Northampton MA  Shutesbury MA  Fostoria OH  Big Sur CA  Mammoth Lakes CA  Prescott AZ  Prague Czech Republic  Darien CT  Boston MA
But I'm not on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or any social media.  Thank God.

Joe Dorkyguy
I don't really exist, but if I did, and I found Timothy McNerney's page, I would certainly use the form to contact him.  Okay, if I did exist maybe I'd get laid or buy a donut first, but then I would definitely give him a buzz.  Oooh, or get buzzed.  That would probably be fun, and I wouldn't spell doughnut like that anyway.
My show

When it gets going you will hear about it.

Thanks to Sofia and R. Kahn for getting me moving on this.

You call this funny?  My cat can do a better comedic monologue than this and she can't even stand up.

  • Pointless Callout 1

    Hey, you look old.  What happened to you anyway?  You didn't used to look this old.

  • Pointless Callout 2

    Add more detail about this feature, such as benefits, appearance, components.    No.

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